Mr. Bean

This month we are celebrating the holidays with our newest Dog of the Month, Bean, the happy Havanese from Chicago! The Havanese breed is the only dog breed that is native to Cuba, according to PetPress, and they are becoming popular with American city dwellers – which explains why this friendly and outgoing guy fits in so well in the Windy City!

Beanie, who is a tiny eight pound pup, loves to eat blueberries, Bocce’s Bakery Treats and chase ping pong balls. He discovered this puppy sport while exploring a friend’s apartment. They are the perfect size for him to chase and just big enough so that he can’t break them in his mouth.

This funny Beanie Baby, which is by the way a cute nickname mom picked for him, loves climbing and can often be found on top of couches, papasan chairs and even pillows so that he can use his excellent watchdog skills to gaze out the window to look for other dogs. You can tell when he recognizes a neighbor walking by because he gets very excited!

Little Bean also loves making new friends while on his walks…little friends that is! Bean is a bit scared of bigger dogs because he is so tiny. Being intimated by a larger dog is totally understandable! The Pawsitive Co. explains that there are several reasons why small dogs could be afraid of bigger dogs like trauma from a past experience, lack of socialization, because of fear or a timid personality, old or age or a weakened state or if the owner acts anxiously.

Mr. Bean’s best friend is Daphne, a Cockapoo in Chicago. In fact, Daphne is the pup who introduced Bean to Saltsox! Bean will be all set this winter to tackle all the snow, salt and slush on the Chicago sidewalks while on his walks when it’s not too cold for him. When it is too cold for him he takes his paws inside for a good old-fashioned game of fetch. He picks out a toy and chases after it until he is worn out! He loves winter fetch and you can tell because he will get very hoppy, extra playful and super bouncy!

While Bean’s preferred playmate isn’t a large dog, he loves humans…and attention! As you already know, Bean is very intelligent and he knows that if he stands up and walks around on his hind legs and walks around with his hands straight in the air, the humans always find it very cute and all of the attention is his. The Havanese breed is a small yet sturdy one so his legs have become very strong with all the cuteness practice. This smart and very trainable extrovert has also learned to show off with a couple “tricks” of sitting pretty and walking on command – the humans fall for it every time.

Bean is a funny, friendly and outgoing little guy who always has a spring in his step. We hope that Santa brings him everything he wants this holiday. To Bean and to all of our furry BFFs, we wish you the happiest holiday! -Team Saltsox

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