Rosie the Goldendoodle

Along with the New Year comes a new Dog of the Month. The first Saltsox Dog of 2022 is Rosie! She was the only girl in her litter of eight and has only one white paw…that definitely makes this pup stand out! Much like Rosie the Riveter, this lady is full of girl power! She even stood out in doggy daycare at six months old. While she was supposed to be in the puppy area, she got moved up to be with the adult dogs – You Can Do It, Rosie!

Rosie Posey comes to us from Annapolis, Maryland, loves to play with anything with a rope attached and is great with kids. She also likes to run, eat doggy ice cream, chase squirrels and riding in the car with the windows down no matter how cold it is. A typical day for Rosie starts at 7am. She starts her day by walking around the neighborhood and then eats breakfast complete with a dental stick. Rosie is very lucky because her parents work from home so that means walks every three to four hours and gets to zoom around the basement all day – that’s a lot of exercise for a gal with one white paw! Rosie’s Saltsox bootie color of choice is IceBreaker Gray while walking around snowy Annapolis. Chicken Nugget, another nickname for Rosie Posey, completes her daily walk schedule at 9pm then ends the day with lots of treats – maybe even some chicken nuggets??

You may be wondering what kind of dog Rosie is. Well, I’m glad you asked! She is a f1b Goldendoodle. Unless you are a Goldendoodle expert, you may not know what f1b means – like me! SpiritDog Training explains that f1b Goldendoodles are the most popular form of this breed type! Again, look at Rosie leading the way! You go girl!

We are proud to call Rosie the Goldendoodle our January Dog of the Month and celebrate her putting her best white paw forward and leading the way for other dogs like her. Way to go, Rosie! -Team Saltsox

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