I’m Batman

Saltsox and the City of Chicago are grateful and happy to announce the November Super Dog of the Month, Batman. That’s right, the one and only Batman, the crazy eight year old Chihuahua originally from Florida, is the November Saltsox Dog Star of the Month. Being a Chihuahua, he is just as you would expect…full of bark! I mean how else are you going to defend the city?

Batty’s obsessive passions are food and fetch. Watch out because this Caped Crusader will eat just about anything and everything in sight if you’re not careful! Perhaps he would even enjoy the real Batman’s dish of choice, Mulligatawny soup! Considering it consists of meat, vegetables and rice, I think it would be right up his alley! This pup might not like the curry spices in it though – but you never know! Plus Batty loves to display his physical strength by playing tons of games of fetch with his toys. Oh! Almost forgot…don’t get too comfy under the covers after throwing the ball. Bat-O will be right there bugging you to lift up the blanket so he can snuggle up with you!

Batman has two trusty sidekicks at home too! (And no, neither are named Robin.) His fellow playmates are Coral, a four year old Catahoula and Bane, the supervillain fluffy six year old kitty. They are partners in play and seeing them cuddle together is the cutesy thing ever. Even super heroes need to have fun!

Coral and Batman even started training together through Another Chance Training to overcome leash reactivity on their walks. Since food is a helpful motivator for Batty, mom always carries some Mulligatawny soup with her. That’s a joke.

Since moving from Florida in April of last year, this past winter was Bat-O’s first experience with winter snow. And since the sidewalks Chicago are lined with salt, mom knew that they needed a defense for Batman’s paws. This Dark Knight’s bootie color of choice is Winter Night Blue – fitting for protecting the streets of Chicago at night, or during the day for that matter. They keep him warm and comfortable on daily walks on snow-covered sidewalks.

Batman is an admirable, intelligent man at his greatest. He loves to bark and defend just as much as he loves to play and snuggle. Thank you Batty…the city needs you. -Team Saltsox

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