O’boy are we lucky! Bentley, the two and a half year old Cavapoo from Queens, NY, is the March Dog of the Month! Cavapoos are a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This magical combination of calm and intelligent makes for one lucky pup!

Bentley loves walkies outside and loves it even more when it snows so that he can wear his Saltsox in Ice Fire Red! His mom says that they have tried many different brands and types of boots and that by far Saltsox are the best quality. She says that they are easy to get on and wants them in every color…maybe even some green Citrine Lavasox for the summer!

Bentley’s favorite toy is his Lamby lambchop . He loves to play with it on the floor with Mom! His favorite treats are bocce biscuits and vital essential freeze dried treats however he loves, loves, LOVES dried duck feet but he only gets those on special occasions. Perhaps some dried duck feet on St. Patrick’s Day??

A typical day for Bentley involves chilling at home with his family, playing with toys, napping, taking long walks with his local doggy friends and providing a Neighborhood Watch service while staring out the living room window. He has been trained to report suspicious activity so no funny business!

Bentley loves everyone in his family and in his neighborhood. He has an amicable, winning personality…he is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! We are happy to celebrate this outgoing, playful and affectionate dog this month. -Team Saltsox


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