Double the Love

This month we are seeing double! That’s right…this February we are featuring two Dogs of the Month…Sage and Cedar, two friendly Golden Retrievers from Arizona.

Sagebrush and Ceedie love food! They are especially fond of Kongs filled with peanut butter. They love apples too! They each have a slice every morning. And on Sundays? Well that’s for pancakes of course! They each have a little pancake on a plate…how sweet! Looks we will have to have a special pancake celebration with these two pups on February 21…Pancake Day!

When Sage isn’t eating peanut butter and pancakes…she is a highly-capable working girl! That’s right, she needs all those yummy treats to fuel her up for her very important therapy dog job. She visits schools and hospice care facilities to spread love all around.

A typical day for these two gals starts with a morning hike and an afternoon full of fetching balls or swimming in the pool. That’s Arizona life for you! Originally these ladies lived in Breckenridge, Colorado where their love for Ice Fire Red and Blizzard Black Saltsox booties started – perfect for Valentine’s Day! They were essential for trekking through the Colorado snow but now they have transitioned to using them on the rocky Arizona trails.

Brushy and Ceedie have proven that they can use their Saltsox in multiple terrains keeping their paws clean and safe from the elements! Not only are Golden Retrievers one of the most popular breeds in the United States, they are also some of the most loyal, loving and smart dogs around! We are happy that Sage and Cedar are the February Dogs of the Month…double the amount of love in the month of love! -Team Saltsox


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