Barry Good Boy

Barry is the first Dog of the Month of 2023! Also known as Barrington, Barry lives right here in the birthplace of Saltsox, Chicago, IL…specifically in the West Loop. He is a Mini Goldendoodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a miniature Poodle, and loves his small Saltsox in IceBreaker Gray.

Bear-Bear enjoys playing with lots of different toys…his squeaky green dog, a “taquito” rawhide and his Chuckit Ball Launcher. His absolute favorite activity is playing with other dogs at the park, running around in circles and playing fetch…all at the same time preferably. He has so much energy and makes everyone laugh with his sweet personality!

Most mornings you will find Stinker, another name Barry goes by, sleeping until mom and dad wake up. First thing in the morning Dad takes him out on a two mile walk then nap time is in order for the afternoon! If he feels up to it in the evening, which he usually does, a trip to the neighborhood dog park is on the agenda. Dinner is kibble mixed with fresh food like beef or chicken then more playtime with toys – this pup has it made! Barry’s days usually end with some couch teddy bear snuggles next to his best friend, Dad (sorry Mom!), before officially going to bed.

Barry is such a loyal, people-oriented dog and the love and companionship he shows Mom and Dad is unmatched. We are proud to feature this snuggly Bear-Bear and wish him all the best in 2023! -Team Saltsox


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