Olive, The Other Reindeer

Here at Saltsox we are celebrating Pugmas this year with the December Dog of the Month, Olive!

Olive is from Upstate New York and also goes by Loafie, you know, like a Pug Loaf of course! She loves to play with balls. Her favorite balls are extra small squeaky Kong balls. Her favorite game is fetch but she also loves to play ‘keep away’. What’s ‘keep away’ anyway? It’s when you toss the ball, Olive runs after it, picks it up and then she runs circles around you refusing to bring it back to you. She’s really good at it. Did you know that pugs are considered to be the clowns of the canine world? According to DogTime pugs have a great sense of humor and Olive certainly loves to show it off with this fun game!

Loafie loves to eat blueberries and shredded carrots and spends most of her days sleeping and showing off her loving nature. She thrives on human companionship so getting and giving love and affection all day long any way she can is right up her alley.

When Olive isn’t playing ‘keep away’ or sleeping, you can find her taking a walk or hiking through the Adirondacks near Lake George. She keeps her paws warm with her new IceBreaker Gray Saltsox but she has been seen wearing the Blizzard Black style too. In the summer you will find her sporting Lavasox in Pink Sorbet.

Olive’s loving, easy-going nature makes her a fun-loving pug that all humans just can’t help falling in love with! Wishing Olive and all the other pups out there a very Merry Pugmas! -Team Saltsox


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