Jingle Bella

While we aren’t quite ready for the sound of holiday bells just yet, we thought we’d celebrate a little bit early with Bella, the Toy Aussiedoodle from San Diego, CA! Bella is the November Dog of the Month! Here she is in her festive Ice Fire Red Saltsox.

Ms. Bella is a smart and fast learner when it comes to getting used to wearing her Saltsox. When most people think of California they think of sunny skies and beaches but that’s not all California has to offer…they have snow there too! Bella is getting ready for her first snow trip to either Julian or Big Bear, both snowy parts of California. Mom is letting her practice wearing her Saltsox in anticipation of their snow-filled adventures coming up. From the looks of it, she will be ready to take on the snow and ice and everything else that goes along with it in no time!

This Toy Aussiedoodle’s favorite toy is a frisbee. Even though she is the smallest size of her breed, she doesn’t let that hold her back when it comes to showing that frisbee who’s boss! Her favorite activity is to spend time outside with her hoomans…and playing fetch with her frisbee of course. Hoomans better be ready with some treats though…she will do anything for a yummy snack (we hear peanut butter is her favorite).

Bella is so energetic and so smart that in her spare time she even trains to be a service dog! Mom says that it has been a hard but very rewarding journey so far.

We are happy to have this playful, affectionate and loyal pup as the Dog of the Month and look forward to seeing her adventures in the snowy mountains of California.


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