Bagel Girl

What’s more comforting on a chilly Fall day than a nice warm…Bagel?!? That’s right, Bagel, the Miniature Goldendoodle from Virginia is the October Dog of the Month!

Bagel Girl loves to eat! No surprise right? She loves to nibble on scrambled eggs, sugar snap peas, carrots and stuffed Kongs…but not bagels crazy enough. She enjoys playing with her Leaps and Bounds Squeaky Duck and running outside with her dog pals, playing fetch with dad and of course snuggling.

Bagel recently celebrated her Bark Mitzvah! This milestone marks a dog’s coming of age. Bagel was lucky enough to share this day with her furry best friends at her favorite indoor dog gymnastics center. Bagel loves breakfast. She loves it so much that she must be coaxed out of bed at the early hour of 9am every morning…she loves to sleep too! With the promise of scrambled eggs and some belly scratches, Bagel eventually rolls out of bed and starts her day.

Typically her day starts out with a walk around the neighborhood in her favorite Pink Sorbet Lavasox while greeting and possibly chasing her squirrel and bird friends along the way. During the work day Bagel likes to keep her dad on his toes by periodically reminding him to breaks from working so he can get his steps in…and take her out to play. When she isn’t bugging dad, she is supervising her human baby brother while he eats in his highchair. She even helps to clean up the floor after him in case he drops any food. It’s a tough job but Bagel’s up for it! At the end of the day Bagel kicks back with a stuffed Kong and then finds the perfect spot lying horizontally in mom and dad’s bed. This leaves mom and dad sleeping under tiny slivers of blanket but Bagel doesn’t mind!

Bagel knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, along with all the rest of them and all the floor scraps in between. She is the best furry big sister there is and loves to keep everyone around her happy…well maybe not the squirrels and birds. We are happy to have Bagel as our Dog of the Month! -Team Saltsox


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