Damsey, Dog of the Month

Coming to you from the city where Saltsox are made, meet Damselina Precious from Chicago, IL! Damsey is an almost 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier originally from Golden, Colorado. She loves to hike just as much as her human mom does. They love to go hiking in the mountains and play in the snow. Her favorite place to hike is at Hanging Gardens in Page, Arizona as pictured here.

Jack Russells are small terriers with origins in fox hunting in England. They are described as being intelligent, energetic, fearless, feisty and athletic. The American Kennel Club says that they look like a plush toy that has come to life!

Damsey’s favorite foods are beef jerky, ribs or any human food she can get her paws on. A typical day consists of her holding down the fort at home by napping all day. She especially loves playing with her toys that get delivered in her Barkbox.

You can also find her taking lots of walks in Grant Park. Her dog bootie of choice are Lavasox in Pink Sorbet. Damsey loves them because they allow her to walk as naturally as she would without wearing booties. When hiking in blazing hot Arizona, she has been known to hike 4 miles or more and she walks with no hesitation at all and doesn’t even try to kick the booties off. To be winter-ready, Damsey already has a set of Saltsox to dominate the cold Chicago winters!

Damselina Precious is a far cry from a Damsel in distress! She is fearless and conquers anything from walking around Grant Park to the mountains of Arizona. Her breed has come a long way from hunting foxes to hiking mountains! We can’t wait to see how Damsey crushes Old Man Winter in Chicago when he comes to town. If she can withstand the desert heat, we think the Chicago snow will be a breeze! -Team Saltsox


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