Jiminy Crickets!


Give a little whistle! Here comes the August Dog of the Month…Jiminy! Also known as Jiminy Cricket or Jimmy, Jiminy is an eight year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adopted from the American Cavalier King Charles Rescue Fund. He is sweet and gentle and very eager to please everyone around him.

Jiminy’s claim to fame is that he is a therapy dog! He regularly visits local hospitals to bring smiles to patients and staff. Since Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were originally bred as comfort and companion dogs according to the American Kennel Club, they naturally excel as therapy dogs. While Jiminy may not have been granted his special purpose by the Blue Fairy, like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, he also uses his therapeutic gift to guide children with dyslexia through their reading journey. Some children feel overwhelmed and embarrassed when reading aloud but Jiminy helps to take some of the stress away. According to The Dog People, some students struggling with reading disabilities can have their confidence crushed with the pressure to read in front of a class or teacher. This is where Jiminy comes in. With a slobbery kiss and a wag of a tail, Jiminy is happy to provide positive feedback! Instead of the kids feeling stressed out when reading, Jiminy makes them feel relaxed and encouraged. This practice even helps kids who may have been fearful of dogs become comfortable with them going forward, and with Jiminy’s fun-loving and calming personality, what better therapy dog is there? Always let Jiminy be your guide!

Jiminy lives in Texas so walking in his Lavasox is a must! They even help him walking around hospital floors to give him a bit more traction so he isn’t sliding all over the place. Lavasox booties have an ultra-grippy sole that help dogs’ paws grip on to smooth surfaces so whether it’s hospital floors, wood or tile, Jiminy will be prepared to do his job safely! What’s more…Lavasox is celebrating their 4 year anniversary on Sunday, August 14 and you can save 25% on all in-stock Lavasox all day long. Be sure to grab a set of booties in one of Jiminy’s favorite colors…Citrine and Marina Blue. Visit http://www.lavasox.com to them all!

Jiminy is the best of the best when it comes to companionship and comfort. He brings positivity and encouragement wherever he goes. Whenever you need a little help getting on the straight and narrow path, need a smile or someone to read to, just give a little whistle and Jiminy will be there to guide you. -Team Saltsox


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