It’s July! The fireworks may be over but look who we’ve got…Mr. Fritzel Pepper, the Lavasox Dog of the Month! He comes to us from New York, NY but you can find him hiking in his Lavasox through the Zion Canyon, Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain. This Yorkie-Mix rescue pup has special needs but nothing is stopping him from being the wild man he is!

Mr. Pepper is more commonly known as The MFP but mom loves to call him Fritzy. The MFP’s favorite toy is a stick, but not just any common stick you find laying around the streets of New York. No, it’s a stuffed toy stick that he takes with him everywhere. He never leaves home without it. The stick can be seen in Fritzy’s mouth on any given walk and he always gets smiles and laughs from passerby’s because the stick is almost as big as he is! Is that a squirrel you see? Yeah, Fritzy sees it too but he won’t give up his stick for that. Squirrels are safe around this pup! Fritzy even brings his stick with him to go watch the dolphins. Oh, and not just one stick…mom has an arsenal of seven stuffed sticks in her bag at all times. Gotta have the perfect stick for each occasion!

It’s easy to know when walk time is it too in Fritzy’s house. The MFP grabs his stick from the toy box and runs around the dining room table counter-clockwise only. The only time you will see him go clockwise is when he has something of yours…like hooman socks! Fritzy loves to eat. In fact, its almost the first thing he does every morning. He wakes up, stretches a long, purposeful “sploot,” hangs out there until one of his hoomans comes to give him a scratch and then it’s off to the kitchen for breakfast…with a toy in his mouth…not necessarly a stick for first thing in the morning though. Even The MFP has to change it up sometimes.

The MFP loves to sit on top of mom, he loves his Instagram friends, his hooman family and his turtle brother, Barry. The only other thing he loves more than walking with his stick is walking with his Lavasox on! Mom says that he loves them so much because they let his paws breathe while protecting him from the hot asphalt on the New York streets…not to mention he looks super cute wearing them! Maybe his turtle buddy Barry will wear the first set of TurtleSox…stay tuned! Haha!

Mr. Fritzel Pepper spreads love, laughter, joy – and toys wherever he goes! He reminds us to live carefree no matter what challenges may lie before our paws. Happy July Everyone! -Team Saltsox


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