Driving Miss Marley


June is here and the time is right to announce to the new Lavasox Dog Star of the Month! Meet Marley! Miss Marley is a 4 year old Rough Coat Collie, who just had a birthday on May 30 by the way, from West Virginia. (Happy Belated Birthday, Marley!)

Mar, for short, is always ready for a car ride! She prefers to be chauffeured around town in the backseat. Ready to go? All you have to do is say the magic words, “bye-bye” and she is out the door waiting on YOU! Miss Marley doesn’t consider it a true car ride unless her head has been sticking out the car window at least once during the ride…she loves all the new, interesting smells and let’s face it, that wind smells so good!

A typical weekday starts by waking up and rolling through the morning routine, you know, the usual stuff everyone does in the morning. During the day Mar-Mar loves to play with her stuffed opossum. Once Mama gets home from work it’s time for dinner, an occasional Greenies Dental Bone and then an evening walk around town before relaxing the rest of the night away. If Marley sees a cat along the way, she instantly wants to be friends! (I hope the cat feels the same way!) Also, Marley never meets a stranger…that’s because she feels that it is her duty to greet every human she sees. No stranger danger here!

Weekends and Marley’s favorite because she gets to do her favorite activity – hiking! Usually Mama takes her on a road trip or at least a day trip somewhere to hit the hiking trails. The best part about the hike? Getting dirty! The not so fun part? Bath time afterwards. (Side note: she also isn’t too keen on aerosol cans, vacuums, hand mixers and coffee grinders.) Sorry Marley! Luckily Marley’s paws are probably the cleanest part of her body when she is wearing her Pink Sorbet Lavasox.

Miss Marley is a cat-loving, pup-about-town riding high in the backseat of her limousine, making friends with everyone she meets. We are happy to say “hello-hello” to Mar-Mar and hope that everyone else is too! -Team Saltsox


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