Micah the Little Red Dog

Who’s red, weighs under 6 pounds and has a big personality? The May Dog of the Month, that’s who! Micah Cooper Hamm is the new Dog of the Month and he comes to us from Los Angeles, California. This cuddle pro got his name after Micah, a biblical figure, who was a peacemaker and an advocate for the poor…the name fits him perfectly because he brings joy to every person and living creature he meets.

Micah is a 5.8 pound, Red Maltipoo (Maltese Toy Poodle Mix). He is a very well taken care of pup and gets lots of special treats, food, toys and clothes. His favorite treats are Icelandic Lobster Cod, imported from Iceland and duck and turkey jerky that he gets from our friends at the Healthy Spot. His favorite foods are from TukkaMate, a holistic, human grade pet food made in Los Angeles, ZIWI pet food from New Zealand, specifically venison and lamb flavors and finally, freeze-dried raw lamb, duck and chicken from Stella & Chewy’s. Micah has quite the palate and has great taste!

His favorite toys to play fetch with are his Kong Mini tennis ball, orange bouncy ball and crinkle toys. When he’s not playing with his toys you can find him doing double twirls and walking on his hind legs. So cute! He is also a master at sitting on command, laying down and rolling over. This worldly pup loves to to cuddle with his mom, give kisses, go on play dates, take warm baths and run circles around his friends, literally! He also loves to travel everywhere with mom…I wonder if they’ve been to Iceland or New Zealand yet??

Finally, Micah loves his fashion! But only the best, well-made fashionable pieces for this baby, says Mom! You can spot him wearing pieces by Canada Pooch and Fuzz Yard, and Saltsox of course! With it being so hot in California, Micah needs his Lavasox in Pink Sorbet to keep his paws cool. That’s right, only real men wear pink!

Micah is a pup about town and he is always out with Mom spreading love, joy and kisses to whomever he meets! He enjoys the finer things in life and who can blame him! We love his big, red personality and wish we could cuddle him too! Stay cool, Micah! -Team Saltsox

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