Puck Finn for the Winn!


Meet Puck Finn, the April Dog of the Month! Puck is an almost three-year old rescue Shar Pei originally from New Orleans but now resides in Chicago. How did Puck Finn get his name? Well, Daddy loves hockey so that’s how you get Puck and Finn because of none other than Huckleberry Finn! Puck and Huckleberry both traveled up the Mississippi – pawfect!

The Shar Pei breed originates from southern China and was traditionally kept as a watchdog and property guardian. Nowadays he is a watchdog and guardian of his many small squeaking chickens. Mom even has them on subscription because he goes through two in a week! They need at least one hour of exercise per day according to the PDSA and since Puck lives in Chicago the walking opportunities are endless! With all the parks and city sidewalks there’s so much for Puck to sniff and explore.

Since Puck was born into the southern heat of Louisiana, the cold Chicago winters are quite a change for him! Mom says that he survives the awful Chicago salt thanks to his Saltsox in Blizzard Black.

With the hot summer weather coming up, Puck will feel right at home when that Chicago heat comes. See Puck, you thought that heat was behind you! Nope, quite the contrary. Chicago sidewalks can heat up to a blazing 145 degrees when the temperature is reading only 90 degrees. Luckily his favorite dog booties come in a hot weather form called Lavasox. These booties will help his New Orleans-native paws survive the sweltering heat this summer. And if he ever takes a trip back to Louisiana, he’ll be all set!


Plus! Did you know that ‘Shar Pei’ translates into ‘sand skin’?? Shar Peis usually have a sandy color and their fur is really soft – and Puck is no different! The National Library of Science explains that the sun can cause sand to become so hot that walking on it can result in either first or second degree burns. So if you are a southern pup like Puck in Chicago, you haven’t escaped the heat that quick! So remember as we get into the hotter months, paw protection is just as important in the cold as it is in the heat.

Puck loves to spend lots of time with his Mom and that aligns perfectly with the characteristics of a Shar Pei. While this breed will be affectionate with everyone in the household, these dogs are known for picking a favorite person. Whether Shar Peis live in China, New Orleans or Chicago, they are loyal dogs that thrive on care and commitment and they will return the favor to you. Puck is a playful, affectionate and loyal pup who will love you deeper than his wrinkles. -Team Saltsox

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