Spring starts this month and soon you are going to start to see some flowers popping up. At Saltsox we are really lucky because we have the honor of presenting the first bloom of the season, Daisy! Scooter, as she is also known, is a four year old Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi from the north side of Chicago.

Scoots’ favorite toy is Lammie, a Lamb Chop stuffy. While Daisy really is such a lamb, sometimes her lioness-side comes roaring out when she plays with Lammie. You see, she loves Lammie so much that she sometimes accidently murders Lammie. No worries, though! Mom, who is Jen DeSalvo, the News and Traffic Reporter for NBC Chicago, is always prepared with some back up Lammies for when that happens. Don’t tell Daisy that though – rumor has it that she is going on Lammie #10 shortly! So why do Daisy and other dogs like her sometimes hurt the Lammies they love? According to I Love My Chi, it is probably due to their prey drive due to being descended from wolves. Either that or it’s because they are bored or simply looking for entertainment. Poor Lammie!

Funny thing about Tooter, AKA Daisy, is that she does not like veggies or human food! However she does enjoy a special mixture of peanut butter and Greek yogurt in her Kong…or some crunchy minnows – who doesn’t, really? She also loves playing in the yard with her Jolly Ball Kettle Bell and of course, Daddy. Daisy even knows 48 different commands and has high hopes of becoming a therapy dog once she “matures”.

Daisy’s favorite days are spent with Mommy and Daddy when they take a walk to the “end of the world,” which is really just the end of the neighborhood about a mile away and then trekking all the way back home – that’s a long way for Miss Daisy! She especially loves playing in the yard while the kids all flock to the school across the street – she really enjoys all the pets and hugs she gets from her kid friends! Her second favorite thing of course is a nap followed by more backyard playtime and practicing her behaviors – shooting for 50 commands!

When she isn’t socializing with her human friends, she visits camp at the Stay Dog Hotel where she plays with her furry friends. Oh! And did you know that Miss Daisy has a boyfriend? That’s right, paws off, fellas! His name is Winston and he is a Corgi too. They met at daycare about three years ago…yep, it’s serious. Now Jen and Winston’s mom have become friends as well and they all go on adventures together. Daisy and Winston love to run and play together and enjoy a good hike too!

And what is Daisy wearing on her paws while she is doing all of these fun things? Saltsox, of course! She has really sensitive paws and with the harsh Chicago winters, Saltsox have been an amazing addition to her pet care routine.

And last but not least, did you know that Daisy even helps Mom on TV too? Yep, she’s a local celebrity. You may have even seen her on the news during the early days of the pandemic. Here’s a shot of her during one of her frequent guest appearances during News and Traffic!

We are so grateful to have Daisy as our March Dog of the Month! She is a cute little Corgi with a playful personality and super smart too! Here’s to learning 48 more commands and getting that much closer to becoming the therapy dog you want to be! -Team Saltsox

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