I ❤ Jordan

The February Saltsox Dog Star of the Month has quite the origin story. Maybe you remember hearing about the Jordan 15. A couple years ago there were some French Bulldog puppies found at the O’Hare Airport by a passerby. The puppies originally came from an illegal Russian importer, stayed in Jordan for about a week and then were left in a hot warehouse for days, living in excrement without any food or water. The Chicago Police Department were notified and the puppies were brought to the wonderful people over at the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. The rescue was able to provide them with what they needed to become healthy and after battling a fight of whether the puppies would get sent back to Jordan or not, the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue was finally given permission to keep the dogs and eventually adopt them out. Here is an update on one of those puppies, lovingly named Jordan.

Jordan’s mom was originally his foster but it wasn’t long before she became his forever mom. Jordan came a long way but he now calls Crown Point, Indiana his home. He lives very close to the downtown area and he enjoys eating at the restaurants that have outdoor seating in the warmer months – he even sneaks in some ice cream while he is out socializing. He even likes to go shopping with mom – especially when it is for toys and treats! He loves squeaky balls and could truly play with them all day. Jordan sees everyone as his friend and gets really excited when he sees people – even his veterinarian!

He gets super excited when mom grabs his leash, coat and Ice Fire Red Saltsox because he knows he is about to go on another adventure. And he doesn’t forget where it all started for him in the United States. So much so that you will still see him volunteering from time to time at the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue! And his days always end sleeping as hard as he plays, and of course snuggling hard with mom.

When Jordan isn’t chasing squeaky balls, volunteering or being a snuggly bug, he enjoys going to school! He goes to the Stoney Run Canine Camp to learn tricks and take fitness classes. At first he was very nervous going there because of all the new equipment but he has overcome his fears, mastered basic obedience and has moved on to learn even more. He has learned how to push the skateboard around, spin but his absolute favorite is balancing on the teetering plank. He loves it so much he even has one at home so he can practice! School has built up his self confidence so much that he is always eager to keep going back to see what else he can do. He used to be fearful of doors and big, loud barks but now he walks with his head held high and always struts with a sense of excitement!

Jordan is a funny, extremely loving boy with a big personality that doesn’t let his past define him. He loves making friends more than he loves getting new toys. But most of all, Jordan loves continuing to learn, love and never look back. Lots of love to you, Jordan. -Team Saltsox

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