Oh Henri!

Finding the next Dog of the Month is like searching for the perfect pumpkin. This month’s pumpkin is Henri, the Pyrenean Shepherd (Pyr Shep) from Downtown Los Angeles, CA!

A Pyr Shep is a fairly new breed to the United States. They are part of the herding breed and they are known for their enthusiasm, their mischievous nature and for being whip-smart. The American Kennel Club also says that they are super affectionate and active.

This Pup loves playing with his “El Dragon” toy, eating leaves and chicken nuggets and taking long walks down the streets of LA. One of Henri’s old past times is counter cruising. Also known as counter surfing, Best Friends explains that this is the act of a dog jumping up onto the kitchen counter and stealing food. Sneaky! So why do dogs do this? Well if they are as whip-smart as Henri it is because they know that kitchen counters are the source of yummy snacks. If you are looking to prevent your dog from cruising your counters, be sure to keep food off the counters when it is unattended. And as if we don’t clean the counters enough, be sure to wipe your counters thoroughly so that there is no food residue left to lick up. Finally, if it is a really big issue, you can always crate your Pupper during meal preparation.

A typical day for Henri, who is also called Puppy Love, starts with an early morning bark to wake up the hoomans – no wake-up alarms needed in this house! Once everyone is up, this Fuzzy Love Noodle spins in 360 degree circles to show his excitement. During his long walks he loves to take in the sights, sounds and smells as well as greet everyone he comes in contact with! Bubs (another nickname for Henri) smiles and tries to kiss everyone in his path and this includes the doorman, street cleaners and any interested passerby’s that will entertain his advances.

While taking these long walks, this puppy loves to wear Lavasox in Marina Blue to help his paws beat the hot California heat.

After a long day of socializing, counter cruising and eating chicken nuggets and maybe a leaf or two, Henri ends the day by settling into his “cuddle chair” for belly rubs and scratches.

Henri is a puppy full of love and he does his best everyday to spread it around DTLA. The world needs more Puppers like Henri. -Team Saltsox

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