Good as Gold

September weather takes the gold with all the fun fall colors it brings us…yellow, orange, red, purple, brown and gold! The Saltsox Dog of the Month takes the gold too…introducing Dembe (pronounced “Dem-bay”) the Goldendoodle Mini from Chicago! Dembe is originally from Redmond, WA. From there he moved to Phoenix, AZ and he finally landed here in Chicago in the far west suburbs.

Dembe, also known as Dems, lives a pretty quiet life, except for on Mondays and Wednesdays! Those days start out by waking up mom, going outside and having breakfast…but the craziness starts when the doorbell rings. Who’s there? Doggie friends!! Dems hosts doggie day care midweek so that he can let loose and play. He loves to play tug and especially likes to play with any plush toy that crinkles and squeaks.

When he’s not playing with doggie friends, Demmy’s favorite place to go is the CVS drive-thru. You weren’t expecting that were you? Turns out they give treats! Who knew? He also enjoys any adventure where he can sniff and play. But most of all, his absolute favorite thing to do is sit and pose for pictures, and it shows! Will your dog sit and pose for you or do you have a ruff time getting them to cooperate? Long Haul Trekkers suggests using high-value treats to get their attention and to get on their level – it’s easier to get a great shot if you are at their height. Once you have that then you can master the art of getting the perfect light. Like with anything, it just takes practice.

Dembe is really smart too! In fact, he has a great memory. When he was 18 months old his mom took him to see his brother. Mom wasn’t sure if he would remember him but Dems actually started crying in the driveway when they pulled up to the house because he could hear his brother barking. Incredible!
The second place Dembe lived was in Phoenix back in 2018. Just recently he went back to visit some old friends and can you believe that he remembered his old house! After three years he still remembered his old yard…he didn’t want to leave. Demmy’s memory is gold!

Dembe got his first set of Saltsox as a puppy because his mom wanted to protect his feet from the get-go. And since Dembe was going to be living in all kinds of weather, this was very important. With mom being a Chicago girl at heart, she makes sure to support her local pet store, Barks N’Rec in Lincoln Park when getting Dembe his paw protection.

Dembe is a fun-loving character that loves to play and pose. He gets a gold star in our book! We hope that if you see him playing around the far west suburbs that you remember reading about him – he would never forget about you! -Team Saltsox

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