Hudson in Manhattan


Hudson, the toy poodle from New York, is the August Lavasox Dog of the Month! She was born in Missouri in July 2019 but the bright lights of New York were calling her name. Hudson ran to her new downtown family and has been blessing them with joy and happiness ever since. While Hudson adores the sights, sounds and smells of the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan, she appreciates the parks and nature too.

Hudson is a girl but often gets mistaken for a boy because she is such a tomboy. Her favorite toy is the Chuckit! Air Fetch Ball and she can be seen smiling while zooming through the New York parks playing ball and actively beating her owner at the tug of war. With that kind of strength it is no wonder why she is assumed to be a boy!

Under all of that tough-guy exterior there is an outgoing, open and friendly girl. She loves people and fur friends alike and she is never too busy to stop and say hello. Don’t forget to scratch her belly! When Hudson comes up to greet you, her form of a handshake is to lay on her back and wait for a belly rub. If you’re lucky, she may even challenge you at a game of tug of war afterwards.

It will be hard to hear Hudson though. She doesn’t make herself known by a signature bark. That’s right, no noise complaints here! Hudson has some happy neighbors because you never really hear her bark ever. Her dad explained that he has never heard her bark at a person or a fur friend. See? She really is a friendly pup!

She has a healthy appetite too! Hudson is anything but dainty when it comes to her food – she loves a good steak, and who could blame her? Whatever her dad is eating, she wants to eat too. But when it comes to vegetarian dishes, she’ll take a pass on that. Make no mistake…she is not picky when it comes to meat!
When Hudson feels as though she has won enough rounds of the tug of war, she does enjoy a good walk around Manhattan to strut her stuff. To keep her paws safe, she likes wearing Lavasox during the Dog Days of Summer and has Saltsox too during the cold New York winter months.

Hudson is a spunky little girl that likes to play hard and love hard too! If you see her running through a New York park one day, be sure to offer up a belly rub and a good old tug on the rope. -Team Saltsox

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