Fairytales Can Come True


Once upon a time…in Hollywood, CA, there lived Jarl and Lili. They were just like any other people walking their dogs on the streets in California until one day their paths crossed. As most fairytales go, they met, they fell in love and their dogs became best friends…oh, and lived happily ever after too in this 101 Dalmation-esque story! As fate would have it, Jarl and Lili’s dogs were pretty much mirror images of each other. They were both poodle mixes, about the same age and had basically the same name. With that being said I introduce to you the new Lavasox Dog Stars of the Month…Jackson and Jaxon.

Now normally the Dog of the Month goes to one dog but an exception absolutely had to be made given that they have so many similarities…like having the same name! Jackson is a Rottweiler-Corgi-Shitzu-Poodle mix and Jaxon is a Mini Poodle-Toy Poodle mix. If this wasn’t a match made in Hollywood heaven, I don’t know what is!

Jack and Jax love to play with squeaky stuffed animals and their favorite snack is Trader Joe’s Grain-Free Peanut Butter and Banana Biscuits. They also love to snuggle together, of course. The best thing about this inseparable pair? They are a couple tricksters…that’s right, they love to perform tricks in tandem.

So what are their trick specialties? They have mastered the sitting command, they will greet you with shaking and giving paw and they’ll even throw in a high-five while they are at it. They will give kisses on cue, lay down and crawl, stand up and walk and even spin and twirl. Jack and Jax will speak on command and even ring the bell when it is time to go outside. But I think the best trick of all is the Double Dump.

Oh you don’t know the Double Dump? It’s all the rage in Hollywood and the Jack and Jax pups have it down. So you see when they ring that bell to go outside…sometimes they have to go poop at the same time…makes sense right? After all, they are practically twins. Once the pooping has ended, they do a little dance together. That my friends, is the Double Dump.

When this pair isn’t eating biscuits, playing with stuffed animals or performing the Double Dump, they are taking walks. While this duo is originally from Hollywood, CA where it is hot most of the time, they have moved to Hollywood, FL, where it is also hot most of the time. These boys know that the pavement gets really hot so they never leave for their walks without their Lavasox. You can spot these guys keeping their paws safe from the heat in Citrine and Marina Blue.

Jackson and Jaxon were destined to be puppy pals and they have Jarl and Lili to thank for it. We are proud to showcase this fun pair this month because it reminds us that Hollywood is the land of dreams. Whether your dream is to find love, a furry friend or both, we remember that there is always time to dream, so keep on dreamin. (Pretty Woman) -Team Saltsox

• Pretty Woman. Dir. Garry Marshall. Touchstone Pictures, 1990. Film.

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