Griffey: The Lab Assistant


Griffey is the May Lavasox Dog Star of the Month! Griffey is a very special and important pure-bred English Labrador living in Irvine, California. This dog has not one, but two jobs! While is he a service dog to his mom, he is also a lab assistant. His mom is a high school biology teacher so while she is teaching, Griffey assists in the lab. He takes his job very seriously and loves to go to work and help mom. What dog breed would be a better lab assistant other that a Labrador?? It’s a match made in science heaven.

Griffey starts out his days with a quick walk and breakfast and then gets his work uniform on – I think most of us can relate to his morning routine (well, maybe except for the walk)! Once his uniform is on, it signals to him that it is time for work and to be on his best behavior for mom. He hops in the car with mom to go to school and doesn’t leave her side throughout the work day. You can always find his sitting, standing or walking with mom as she goes about her teaching duties. Such a loyal companion!

So what is Griffey doing with his mom in the lab all day? Well, he does a few things. The main task that he is responsible for is maintaining stability for his mom especially when walking long distances or up and down the stairs. His mom has a condition that causes her to all of a sudden pass out and possibly hit her head or injure herself in some way. If this happens, Griffey quickly swoops in to the rescue to lick mom’s face or to help her wake up somehow. Plus if mom falls or loses her balance, he is right there for her to lean on or to fall onto if needed. Mom leans on Griffey for more than her body weight too. In fact, he helps her ease her anxieties in social situations.

While working in the lab, this trusty sidekick answers to a few different nicknames like Bubs, Griff, Griffster, My Big Bear and Snuggly Bud.

When Griff doesn’t have his lab coat on, this big-bear-pawed gentle giant loves to play fetch with his tennis ball and goes crazy when his mom bounces it beforehand.

During his downtime, you will also find Mom’s Big Bear bugging his sister, Maddie, lounging around or just plain taking a well-deserved snooze. After play he loves crunchy foods, especially biscuits.

At school or at home, Snuggly Bud and his sister both like to wear their Lavasox in Flame to protect their paws. Bubs especially needs them because he does a lot of walking! Wherever mom goes, he goes. Living in California it can definitely be hot so protecting his paws from the heat and debris on the pavement while he walks beside mom is a top priority.


We are honored to have Griffey as our Lavasox Dog of the Month. He is anything but a normal dog. He is a hard worker, a companion and a friend to lean on. Thank you, Griffey, for all that you do. You are truly a star! -Team Saltsox

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