Aria: An Instant Classic


What’s your favorite kind of music? Pop? Heavy Metal? Classical? Does your dog have a favorite? Well I know a dog that loves classical music. Her and her mom love it so much that she was named Aria. (Not sure what an Aria is? Wait for the cue in the fourth paragraph.) In fact, Aria is the April Saltsox Dog Star of the Month!

Aria is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel living in Astoria, New York. She loves to play fetch with her favorite ball and loves to hike.

Aria’s mom is an instrumental music teacher and her instrument of choice is the flute. She has been her mom since Aria was 3 weeks old. Her mom met Aria along with her puppy sisters. During their meeting, Aria fell asleep on her new mom with her head on her mom’s heart. From there, the music began to play.
But before their relationship could become an instant classic, Aria needed a name, because of course, this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy was still Untitled. Since her mom is a teacher, she went straight to her students for help with naming her new puppy. She gave her students choices of a few musical words and the opportunity to research those words to vote on a name for this new untitled classical piece. After researching the words, they voted on Aria. So what does it mean? An aria is a self-contained piece for one voice, with or without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment, normally part of a larger work. And that’s when this musical masterpiece was born; Aria is indeed one voice, part of a larger work.

Like most teachers this last year, Aria’s mom was teaching remotely. Her students got to see Aria cuddle up next to their teacher during class and sometimes even fall asleep and snore in her pink bed. Since being back in-person for school, the students are really missing her so much that they plea to have Aria be a part of the class with them…and so that they can vote her in as “Most Likely to Snore During Class”.

Do you and your dog love classical music too? Well if you have been known to dabble in some Puccini or Mozart with your pup snuggled next to you, your dog probably exhibits very relaxed behaviors, according to UK Pets. Classical dogs show fewer instances of barking. If your musical preference is heavy metal or something louder, dogs tend to show more restless behavior and bark more often. If your pup is more into pop, there is no apparent effect on their behavior. So if your dog exhibits more of a fortissimo (loud barking), then maybe it’s time to introduce some more Charpentier or Bellini into your living room.

While Aria is not napping she does enjoy a good treat. Her favorite treat is tripe, also known as a cow’s stomach. That’s right, Aria has recently adopted a raw-food diet. She highly recommends pheasant. If you have been curious about feeding your dog a raw diet, K9 Over Coffee offers some tips on how to keep a raw meat diet affordable. The best way to save money when orchestrating this diet is to make your own raw dog food. Order or buy commercial raw dog food in bulk and invest in freezer space. Also check local grocery stores for deals on expiring raw meats; this will put your freezer space to good use. K9 Over Coffee says that switching to a raw meat dog food diet can be exciting and rewarding too! It’s so liberating to know exactly what you are feeding your dog and after doing the math it is no more expensive than buying high-quality, grain-free kibble brands. Sounds good to me!

After a long day of eating and snoring, Aria loves her hikes and walks. To match Aria’s pink bed, of course she has Pink Sorbet Lavasox! This Spring they are laying asphalt down in Aria’s neighborhood so she needs them more now than ever to protect her paws from getting wrecked – plus she looks sharp in them!

Pink Sorbet

Aria and her mom made a musical connection the day they met and they have been accompanying each other’s melodies ever since. Quite candidly, Aria is an instant classic. -Team Saltsox

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