Franklin: Small & Spunky


The March Saltsox Dog Star of the Month is Franklin! Frank is a Chihuahua from Madison, WI. He was adopted from the Columbia County Humane Society when he was about one year old. Franky is seven years old now and will be eight in October.

Franklin, also known as Fink, is really picky when it comes to treats but loves a good lick of peanut butter from time to time…who doesn’t? One of his favorite places to go, besides mom’s lap, is North Paw Dogs, a doggy daycare that caters specifically to little dogs.

Speaking of being little, lots of people just assume that Franklin Fee Garcia III, that’s another nickname for Franklin by the way, is a puppy because of how small and spunky he is! Mom says that he is usually the smallest in the room but definitely has the biggest personality. This is not uncommon for a Chihuahua. In fact, The Dog Daily says that most tiny dogs have a big attitude…you may have even heard of this being referred to as “Small Dog Syndrome”…it’s a real thing! The truth is that tiny dogs sometimes get a bad wrap for being yippy, yappy, snappy and high-strung, but the truth is that dogs like Franklin-streud (you guessed it, another nickname!), really don’t care much about size. Believe it or not, tiny dogs really do believe that they are as big as the next dog, so they act like it! So be ready because this Chihuahua isn’t backing down any time soon. What this little one lacks in size, he makes up in nicknames!

Franklin is obsessed with toys, especially his tiny green monster named “Bizarro”. The only other thing that Franklin loves more than “Bizarro” is sleeping. He loves taking long naps, waking up for about five minutes to get in a good run around the house, and then back to bed…completely covered in blankets.

When Franklin takes his paws outside to hit the pavement, his Saltsox color of choice is Blizzard Black.

After a long day of napping and a bit of play, his favorite time of day comes…9pm. In fact he loves this part of the day so much that he follows mom and dad around until the signal has been received that it is officially time to hit the hay for the last time of the day. After all, it’s ruff being a big dog in a small dog’s body. Franklin doesn’t seem to have this problem but if your dog struggles with calling it a day, Patch Puppy suggests turning off the lights and and this should send the signal to your dog to get up, stretch and head off to bed. Sweet dreams!

Franklin, or whatever nickname you choose to address him with, is one spunky young man who takes great pride in his rest. Whether he is napping, taking a peanut butter lick break or making his presence known in a crowded room, this little Chihuahua is the life of the party! Congratulations, Franklin! -Team Saltsox

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