Teddy in the City

Introducing the first Saltsox Dog Star of the Month…Teddy!

Teddy is a blue tick coonhound mix from Arkansas who is now living in Chicago! He was rescued from a hoarding situation and brought to Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, IL. His soon-to-be owner spotted a post about him on Facebook and saw that he wasn’t doing well and that they were really hoping he would be adopted soon. Well to Teddy’s surprise he was adopted in July 2020! He was heartworm positive, skittish and had to be lifted into the car when he was going home. With a warm lick onto his new owner’s hand, he was on his way to his new home in the big city.

Since Teddy would have to undergo a few months of heartworm treatments, he would have to leave his country dog pasttime of running after chipmunks behind him at least for a while. Once January hit, he was given a clean bill of health and he was free to run again, but at the dog park this time!

Blue Tick Coonhounds are commonly known for their raccoon hunting skills so living in a big, noisy city has been quite the adjustment for him. Changing from a rural environment of chasing frogs to walking amongst the tall buildings of Chicago is quite different, but Teddy is taking it in stride!

Photo by luiisrtz on Pexels.com

There were lots of changes for all of us in 2020 and Teddy was no exception. If you have ever moved from a rural area to a big city, you know that there are some major differences! The Barking Blog explains that something as simple as the act of going potty is an adjustment for a country dog. Instead of running out into the yard to do his business, Teddy now is learning to go potty amongst businessmen on the sidewalk or at a park. Like most city dogs, Teddy is now feeling the joy of getting several walks a day and getting to play in a dog park amongst other dog friends and humans. (Always remember to bring your poop bags and scoopers!)

Photo by Nancy Bourque on Pexels.com

Teddy is also getting used to the noises of Chicago. Instead of the sounds of frogs croaking or just an overall quietness of the country life, there’s lots of noises, crowds and traffic. Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing so as long as the dog is always reassured that everything is good, then the country dog will be just fine.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Country dogs are also used to much more space and enjoy the freedom of burning off excess energy in the yard or the great outdoors. In the city, space is limited and there’s generally not a big yard. Teddy fits right in though because he loves to nap, play with squeaker toys and loves walking and playing at the park. He fits right in!

One final thing to consider is a country dog’s health and diet. Since these dogs are used to lots of movement throughout the day it is important to adjust their food intake accordingly.

Photo by NastyaSensei on Pexels.com

Speaking of food, Teddy’s favorite snack is cheese! His favorite is Cheddar but he has been known to sample mozzarella, American and Swiss. If you ask me, I think Teddy is adjusting quite well to city life!
One thing Teddy did not get much of in Arkansas is snow. Well lucky for him, Chicago has plenty of it!

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Winter has become his new favorite season along with his new favorite trick, rolling over. His new owner says that it is a bonus for her because when Teddy is on his back it makes it so much easier to get his Saltsox on. His color of choice? IceBreaker Gray.

IceBreaker Gray

Welcome to Chicago, Teddy! The city appreciates your southern charm as much as we hope you love running in our dog parks! Enjoy your first Valentine’s Day in the big city. We wish you many relaxing naps, cheese tastings, walks and dog park runs. -Team Saltsox

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