It’s the season for giving and while this year may be much different than any other, it is more important than ever to give to those in need. And the first group we automatically think of here at Saltsox are the dogs that are less fortunate.

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Have you heard about a dog named Claude? Claude has a bigger heart than most people I know. Claude comes from a loving home and doesn’t have a need in the world but of course his owners never forget him at Christmastime. Last Christmas Claude got a pillow, a blanket and a rubber mouse. His friend Bummer, yes that’s his ironic, yet real name, has no home and therefore doesn’t usually get presents.

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Bummer wandered over to visit Claude and saw all of his Christmas presents and thought to himself how lucky he was to get all those gifts. Claude’s pillow was so soft yet Bummer has to sleep on the hard ground. Bummer noticed Claude’s nice warm blanket and it reminded him of how cold his nights are. Claude’s rubber mouse caught his eye too and he remembered how lonely he is with no company around.

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Claude realized how lonely, cold, uncomfortable and unhappy Bummer was. He thought to himself how lucky he really was and that he really did not need these presents. Remember how I said that Claude had a big heart? Would you believe that Claude gave all of his presents to Bummer? He did! Bummer was so happy, wished Claude a very Merry Christmas and ran off to enjoy his new treasures. Claude felt so good about sharing his gifts and realized that all he needed for Christmas was to help Bummer have a nice holiday. Claude didn’t need those presents, Bummer did.

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There are thousands of dogs just like Bummer either in shelters or with no home at all. Dog shelters are all around the world and there’s probably an organization near you who could use some help this year as well. Maybe you can be like Claude, help some dogs like Bummer out and bring some wags to some tails.

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Besides dog beds, blankets and rubber mice, dog shelters are always in need of stainless steel dog dishes, poop bags, dog crates, Nylabone and Kong products, dental toys and chews, puppy chew toys, deer antlers, bully sticks, Greenies pill pocket treats, heating pads, leashes and collars to name a few. Contact your local shelter to see what their specific needs are to see if you can lend a hand. The shelter and the dogs will be forever thankful.

IceBreaker Gray

While Saltsox are probably not on a dog shelter’s wish list, they may be helpful for paw protection during the cold winter months. Dog booties help to protect against snow, salt and slush and provide balance and security on icy pathways. Surely shelter dogs are taking walks and getting exercise and their paws get hurt by the dangerous salt on the roads as well.

Winter Night Blue

Consider being more like Claude this Christmas. Help dogs like Bummer have a soft, warm, fun and Merry Christmas. Spread some holiday cheer however you can because we could all use some happy this holiday. -Team Saltsox
Gackenbach, Dick. Claude the Dog; A Christmas Story. The Seabury Press, 1974.

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