For All Dog Walks of Life


National Dog Week. It is September 20 through 26 this month. We know it as a week to celebrate with dog activities, fundraising events, adoption drives and volunteer assistance programs.

closeup photo of short coated white and gray dog
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Captain William Lewis Judy. He created National Dog Week in 1928. Judy founded this special week with the intention of creating more responsible dog owners and to celebrate all “dog walks” of life. While the original intent of National Dog Week has faded through the years, the roots still hold strong. Baxter Boo explains the original objectives of National Dog Week:

1. Find a good home for every dog,
2. Eliminate the existence of stray dogs,
3. Make dog owners better informed,
4. Consider the well-being of dogs and all animals,
5. Emphasize the dog’s use as a companion and protector,
6. Require fair laws for dogs and dog owners and
7. Respect for the rights of non-dog owners.

white short coated dog
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It is hard to imagine a world where it is acceptable and common for dogs to be tied up outside, left alone for hours at a time. It is even harder to imagine a world where you wouldn’t let your dog in to your house to eat, sleep and snuggle with. But before Judy came along and started to change the way dog owners thought of their pets, that was a dog’s reality. They were meant to stay outside and dogs weren’t treated very fairly, but rather inhumanely – definitely not part of the family.

short coated tan dog inside fence
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The Animal History Museum is a great resource for all things Captain William Lewis Judy. You can learn all about how he reinvented the Dog World Magazine and how he paved the way for writers to author books about dogs while being regarded as relevant and respected through the Dog Writer’s Association of America. You would learn that Judy transformed people’s preconceived thoughts about how pets should be treated. He helped reveal that there is a spiritual bond between dog and human and that they should be treated as family members. He started to get people interested in wanting to learn about what the proper physical and emotional care of their pets looks like. Judy declared that man should be dog’s best friend, not the other way around. He had even been quoted as saying, “Don’t call a man a dog. It’s unfair to the dog.”

cheerful multiracial family having fun in bed during weekend
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Judy even took it a step further to encourage dog breeders to consider themselves more than just a dog salesman by being an educator for dog and human. The objective of selling a well-trained dog to a well-trained owner really does make the most sense. He placed an importance on obedience training during the first three months of a puppy’s life. This combined with the notion of owners being better informed and educated themselves about dogs is cause for a celebration of friendship between dogs and humans.
Captain William Lewis Judy spent many years dedicated to National Dog Week to bring awareness to pet owners everywhere and today, dogs are a staple in most homes.

photography of man training a rottweiler
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And for all the “dog walks” of life, you’ll need some booties to take along with you! While the Dogs Days are still around for a bit, Lavasox are here to protect from the heat: available in Flame, Citrine, Marina Blue and Pink Sorbet. Fall starts on September 22, during National Dog Week, so it’s the perfect time start thinking about colder temperatures. For chilly paws, remember Saltsox in Blizzard Black, Ice Fire Red, IceBreaker Gray and Winter Night Blue. Keep those paws protected every day!

For dog owners, every week is National Dog Week, if not every day! Can you imagine living in a time when dogs weren’t as highly regarded? Can you even fathom a couch without a dog to cuddle up next to? We can thank Captain William Lewis Judy for the role dogs play in our lives. Without him, our dogs might still be tied up in the yard. While you are celebrating the dogs in your life, remember Captain Judy and celebrate the difference he made in your dog’s life. -Team Saltsox

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