Dog Days


It’s August and the Dog Days of Summer are not over; in fact we are right in the middle of it. We are also right in the middle of the Dog Days of Social-Distancing during a pandemic that none of us could have prepared for. We know how to prepare our dogs for a hot summer – get a set of Lavasox for their paws to beat the heat – among other things. Some of us humans have been taking the daily changes in the world in stride, while others are struggling trying to keep it together. Some say that pets can be a direct reflection of their owners. Depending on where you are in the world, you may still be in Quarantine or you are out and about in a new normal – how does this affect our dogs? Are we being true to ourselves with our feelings? And if our dog really is a true reflection of ourselves, then maybe we need to take a closer look at how our dogs are doing to know more about ourselves. It has also been said that dogs help humans with managing anxiety and depression – but what if dogs need humans for the same reason? Deep, right? Yeah, you thought this was just going to be about dog boots.

adorable animals breed canine
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When dogs are in a good mood they are doing dog things like sniffing, chewing (hopefully not your new sandals), digging and playing – these are all natural, happy behaviors. When humans are in a good mood we do human things like laughing, socializing, smiling and whatever natural, happy things we like to do. In the beginning of Quarantine, there was lots of social isolation and confinement…for humans – how’s that for walking in a dog’s sox? (That’s of course not to imply that all dogs are left at home all day while their humans are at work – those lucky dogs!) And this also does not apply to all humans because some of us are considered “essential” workers and such but for everyone else, there was lots of staying at home and not going to work. It was different for dogs though – their natural, happy behaviors probably heightened! They were ecstatic that their humans were home so that they could play with them, and you know, do dog things.

black and white border collie running on brown grass field
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As shelter-in-place orders are lifted, some humans are still working from home while others are going back to work. What is that doing to our dog’s mental health? Good Doggies explains that dogs love to feel like they are a part of the family, they love to have the freedom to move and to make choices and they eat up love and attention. Humans do too. When dogs aren’t doing dog things and are being socially isolated and confined for long periods of time, they develop anxiety and depression, just like humans. The key is to find a balance between the good and the bad.

adult beagle walking on grass field
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It’s been a confusing time for humans and dogs alike. Everyone is in a better mood when we take care of ourselves – staying healthy and eating well. We all want a safe and quiet place to rest – humans and dogs. Having a predictable routine helps too – well, the pandemic really hasn’t helped with that, has it? The best we can do is comfort each other in these unpredictable times and try to take the good with the bad.

young woman hugging adorable corgi during morning walk
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Another thing that could not have been predicted either during these Dog Days is that dogs bring each other together whether it be through family, through love or through friendship. Even when us humans have had a really emotional, trying day, who is there to comfort us? Our dog. In the same fashion your dog looks to you for comfort and compassion. We are each others family, friends and we love each other – these Dog Days have strengthened that.

photo of woman kissing a dog
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For those humans that were working from home for a period of time or who still are, don’t forget one of the most important dog things to do – take a walk! As mentioned before, dogs love the freedom to move and they love to take a walk – it’s beneficial for the both of you, mentally and physically. And in the spirit of the Dog Days of Summer, remember to keep those paws protected. Lavasox are perfect for protection against the hot pavement and sand complete with an elastic Velcro closure system, an anatomically engineered fit, durable thin-sole design, a heat shield, ultra-grip sole and high ventilation fabric. You are your furry BFF will be taking the Dog Days of Summer while Social-Distancing in stride!

So how is your dog doing through all of these changes? Is he taking it in stride or is he struggling? Is it true that your dog is a reflection of who you are? Gertrude Stein once said, “I am I because my little dog knows me.” If there’s one thing that we can count on during these Dog Days, it’s each other – human and dog alike. Keep sniffing, chewing, digging and playing, and doggone it – keep doing dog things! -Team Saltsox

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