Go Dog, Go!

“Dog. Big dog. Little dog. Big dogs and little dogs. Black and white dogs.”

“Hello! Hello again. Do you like my hat?”

There is a point to this, I promise! In honor of Dr Seuss’ birthday month, this blog is inspired by P.D. Eastman’s, “Go, Dog. Go!” While Dr. Seuss did not write this particular book, he did edit it. And in true Dr. Seuss fashion, it still has all the whimsy and imagination that you would expect from any other children’s book of his collection. Here you will find safety tips for dogs in cars, why dogs sometimes go around, and around, and around…around again and of course we can’t forget about protecting those paws while those dogs are on the go!

white and black short coat puppy on black window car
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

“Some big dogs and some little dogs going around in cars.” No matter the size of your dog, sometimes it is easy to get distracted while driving with your dog in the car and of course you can’t resist petting that cute pup. Have you let Fido sit on your lap while driving? How about play with your dog during your drive or given them treats? We have all been guilty of at least one or two of these things at some point while driving. And we all know that it is all fun and tail chasing until someone or some pup gets hurt so the prevention of any injuries to the dog or a passenger is number one. Another not so fun thing to think about is if there is a collision, how do we prevent our dog from escaping or being ejected from the car? 

I know, I know, Debbie Dog Downer over here.
Go Dog Nashville suggests getting a safety harness or tether, carrier, crate, cage or a cargo barrier. A safety harness can be quick and easy to change from vehicle to vehicle and can double as a walking harness if necessary. A well-designed safety crate is a lifetime investment and will last for years. Cargo barriers are great for all kinds of cargo, not just your dog!

So what safety measure is best for you and your dog? Things to consider are your car size, whether or not you will be buying a new car soon, how many dogs you have, if you carry other cargo, how many family members are usually in the car and if the system needs to be portable. Lots to think about but better to think about it now than later.

medium coat beige dog
Photo by Laura Stanley on Pexels.com

Now on to a more fun topic. Dogs riding ferris wheels. Huge problem, am I right??

“The dogs are all going around, and around, and around. ‘Go around again!’” Of course I am referring to dogs chasing their own tail. What does it all mean? Boredom? Looking for attention? Is it genetic? Do they have an infection? Could it be a mental illness? The Labrador Site explains that it could be any number of things and that if it is a true concern to never hesitate to ask the veterinarian because there could be an underlying issue that a medication could help solve. In the meantime, it is pretty funny to watch that dog go, go, go!

And while your dog is going up, down, in, out, up on a house, in the water, over a tree, under a tree, on a boat, over the water, at work, at play or going away to a big dog party on top of a tree, they will need paw protection to help with each step along the way! Luckily Saltsox offers two options for paw protection throughout the year.

For when “it is hot out here in the sun” there’s Lavasox to the rescue! They provide superior protection from hot surfaces, dirt and debris and they feature a built-in radiant heat barrier in the sole to block sidewalk and road surface heat. Breathable mesh fabric keeps paws cool and the stretch Velcro closure keeps boots on. Plus the rubber sole provides fantastic grip on wood and tile floors making them ideal for indoor use as well! Find them in Flame, Citrine, Marina Blue and Pink Sorbet.

“It is not hot here under the house”, or in other words, in the wintertime (or for those times when your dog is under the house) there is none other than Saltsox. This is what you’ve been looking for – sleek tailored design, lightweight and warm. Give your best friend some comfort on winter walks with a boot that offers full protection from salt, snow and slush. The thin-sole construction promotes balance and security on icy pathways and the exclusive stretch Velcro closure ensures these boots stay on and comfortable where others have come up short. Find them in Blizzard Black, Ice Fire Red, Winter Night Blue and IceBreaker Gray.

When the car stops and all the tails have been chased, where will your dog go? To the tree? Up the tree? Maybe to the top of the tree. Will they work or play there? I bet there will be a big dog party with big and little dogs, red and blue dogs, yellow and green dogs and black and white dogs. Will they all be wearing party hats? If not, I hope that they are at least wearing party “sox”. And what a dog party it will be!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! And Happy Paws to you. Go, Dog. Go! Good-by! -Team Saltsox

Eastman, P.D.. Go, Dog. Go!. New York: Beginner Books, 1961. Print.

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