Stop and Smell the Roses

Screenshot_20200130-210011_InstagramLooking for a chance to win some Saltsox and Lavasox?  Well if BINGO was his NAME-O, then dust off your fascinators, press those pocket squares, and dress up your dog, because it’s the second Small Dog Tea Party, presented by Real Dog Moms of Chicago and Hinsdale Humane SocietySaltsox is a BINGO card sponsor and some booties are up for grabs!
This tea party will have a Valentine’s Day twist and will be taking place on Sunday, February 9th at the beautiful Drake Hotel on Michigan Ave.
While dog tickets are sold out, there are a few human tickets left to purchase at
adult black and white dalmatian licking face of woman
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Later in the month on February 20, it is Love Your Pet Day but let’s face it, this whole month is about love.  (Psst…for anyone who needs the reminder so that they don’t get in trouble with their significant other, Valentine’s Day is February 14!  You’re welcome.)  Now that we got that out of the way, what is the best way to show our dogs that we love them?  Well, there are tons of ways to do that but I for one know that dogs LOVE to go on walks.
Have you ever thought about why dogs love walks so much?  Well, according to Southern Living it’s both for business and pleasure.  Other than the obvious “bathroom break” a walk provides, in other words “taking care of business”, they also provide a chance to observe your dog’s physical health.  If your veterinarian has mentioned that your dog may be a bit overweight, walks can definitely help manage that.  Walking for as little as a half an hour a day about five times a week should do the trick.  On the other paw, walks are for pleasure.  When your dog stops to smell the Valentine’s Day roses, it is their way of interacting with the world around them.  This gives them critical mental stimulation that the yard or house may not otherwise provide.
And while you are taking your furry Valentine out to take care of their business and so that they can feel the pleasure of sticking their nose in the snow, be sure to provide them with the best boots to take on that winter walk: Saltsox.  They are paw-friendly and unrivaled in performance, comfort and ease to take on those cold, salty winter walks.  They have a thin sole design to help your dog maintain their natural balance and security on slippery surfaces.  Plus, they’ll keep those little toes warm with a bit of polar-fleece.  Your dog’s paws will be dry and clean as you take on those harsh winter sidewalks with these machine washable, lightweight and tough winter booties.  Choose from Blizzard Black, Ice Fire Red, Winter Night Blue and IceBreaker Gray.
Now what’s good for the dog must be good for you too, right?  One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people make is to become more active.  Some of us even hire a personal trainer.  But if you are a dog owner, you already have one!  Country Living explains that dogs make brilliant personal trainers because they make their owners four times more likely to get the recommended amount of weekly exercise!  And by providing your dog with five walks a week at about a half an hour a pop, you’re already in good shape!  Playing outside counts too and getting the kids involved in outside play, no matter the weather, benefits the whole family.
woman wearing white pants walking brown dog
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While stopping to smell the roses during the daily walk is a popular pastime, why not change it up a little from time to time?  It’ll make the walks more interesting for you as well.  With that being said, who doesn’t like a good game?  Dog Time gives us five different games to play while walking our dogs:
  1. Treasure Hunt: As you walk, occasionally toss a treat on the ground in your immediate area while your dog is distracted by the roses and tell them to “find it”.  Then, your dog will sniff around and find the treat as a fun, surprising reward.  This game allows your dog to focus on you and it will help lead your dog away from distractions like other dogs and people if needed.  It’ll keep Fido guessing when that next treat is coming.
  2. Obstacle Course: Go off the beaten path and take a detour to walk up and down some stairs, weave through trees or climb on a park bench.  This will keep walks interesting and less predictable.  The game will also keep your dog thinking and relying on you for instructions – what will the next challenge be?
  3. Red Light, Green Light: We’re bringing it back, the old classic game that you played as a kid, only this time it is your dog playing.  As you walk, you will give a command to stop whether it be “red light” or “stop” or something else; the same goes with “green light” or “go”.  If your dog follows the commands as you instruct, praise them with rewards and treats!  This game has the advantage of teaching your dog a command while having fun.  You can even use these commands when you are not playing the game, like when stopping them before crossing a street or even to avoid another dog or animal on your next walk.
  4. Follow The Leader: Who’s walking who?  Let your dog know that you are the one in charge.  This game is best played in a park or field, somewhere where you can change directions rather easily.  Never let your dog lead; if they start getting in front of you, quickly change directions so that they are always guessing where you are going next.
  5. Faster, Slower, Stop: Much like “Red Light, Green Light”, use commands to direct your dog to go faster, slower or to stop altogether.  Like the other games, this will help your dog stay attentive during the walk and reinforce that you are the leader.  Make sure to bring treats and praise for a job well done!
Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with a nice walk and some games along the way.  Keep things interesting while staying active but above all, have fun!  Enjoy! -Team Saltsox

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