Tricks Are For Dogs

Tricks are for kids, and dogs too.  And treats?  Well treats are for everyone!  And Saltsox is all about paws so here is a quick trick guide to easily teach your little pupkin how to give paw, high-five and wave!  And make sure to stay til the end so you can see the featured October Lavasox and Saltsox colors perfect for trick-or-treating!

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Give Paw

There’s a couple different ways to teach your pup how to give paw according to Officially Pets.  The first way uses clicker training.  With your dog sitting or standing, click and then immediately present a treat.  You will do this a lot, like ten times or more, because this gets your dog used to the clicker = click, treat, click, treat, trick, treat…see what I did there?  Keep the treats in the same hand as the clicker and with your empty hand, tap on your dog’s foot and at any movement, click and treat.  Once your dog starts lifting their paw with ease, add a marker word like “paw” or “give a paw” with the movement.  Start phasing out the marker word and just click and treat when your dog gives paw.  

There’s one other option to teach this trick, with the treat in your hand.  Place a small, high value treat in your palm (like whatever the equivalent is to a Snickers for dog treats), show it and then make a fist.  Keep your fingers and the back of your hand facing downward.  Allow your dog to sniff your fist by placing it near their knee and wait until they start using their paw to open your hand.  When your dog places their paw on your hand, say your marker word and open your hand so they the dog can get the treat.  Once your dog understands the action, make a fist but do not have food in your hand.  When they touch your hand on your mark, give the treat from your other hand.  Eventually you will be able to have your dog give paw with your hand open and palm up – there you have it, you are shaking hands with your best pal!


If your dog breezed through learning how to give paw, this trick will be a real treat.  Dog Training Me says to start by showing your treat-filled hand to your dog starting low and give the treat when they touch your hand.  Gradually keep raising your hand higher and higher each time until you are even with your dog’s shoulders.  Add the marker “high-five” when your dog is is comfortable with the new height.  After a few pawsitive results, remove the treat and just say the marker.  Soon enough you will be high-giving each other during football games!

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If your dog is giving paw and high-fiving like a champ, them he will ace the wave.  Just as you did with the high-five trick, eventually raise your hand even higher with the treat in hand until your dog gets used to the height change.  It will help to use the “give paw” and “high-five markers” when learning to wave as this trick is similar to those.  Once your dog starts to reach his paw high enough, start saying “wave” as he successfully raises his paw high without your hand there to guide him.  Before you know it, your friends will be impressed when Fido is waving hello and goodbye to them!


Now that your dog is all tricked out, it’s time to make sure that those puppy paws are treated right so that they can keep on giving paw, high-fives and waves!  Keep the dirt, debris and Halloween candy wrappers that are lining the street away from those sweet trick-or-treating feet with the season’s hottest color in Lavasox…Flame! 


Blizzard Black

And since Halloween can be as unpredictable as the tricks that come along with it, be sure to have some Saltsox in Blizzard Black on hand to combat chilly temperatures and keep those toes warm!

Here’s to Happy Paws, High-Fives, Waves and lots of yummy treats!        -Team Saltsox

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