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Summer officially started on June 21 so it’s finally time to get out there and walk, run and have some fun.  One of the effects of having a dog is making their owners more active.  A study in the U.K. found that dog owners spend about 300 minutes walking with their dogs per week, about 200 minutes more than those without dogs, according to the Kenosha News.  What a great benefit of having a dog!  With all of that extra exercise outside comes the not-so-fun side effect of outdoor allergies.  Did you know that it is actually written in stone that “Dogs Do Not Scratch”?  It’s true!  Dogs are tough and therefore do not scratch.

(Psst…we both know that is not true.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I am drawing some humorous inspiration from a children’s book called The Itchy Book written by LeUyen Pham and Mo Willems.  So there, you learn something new every day!)

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Paw Life explains that the most common signs of allergies in dogs are redness of the stomach, face scratching, paw chewing and licking, and ear rubbing and shaking.  All sorts of things can cause your dog’s skin to be irritated like fleas, mites, dry skin, infections or just plain old allergies.  Almost anything can trigger allergic reactions like dust, grass, food ingredients, preservatives, medications, bacteria, mold and pollen.  A veterinarian can help determine the cause of the allergy by performing an allergy test.  Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate an allergen from your dog’s environment unless it is diet related.  With that being said, there is no cure for allergies.  Labrador Training HQ provides some methods for easing your dog’s discomfort:

  • Give your dog digestive enzymes to help the dog’s digestive tract absorb fluids easier and therefore contribute to increased moisture levels in the skin,
  • Try antihistamines, like Benadryl,
  • Feed high-quality commercial dog food,
  • Always provide fresh drinking water,
  • Launder your dog’s bedding weekly to prevent parasites and built-up dander, and
  • Check for fleas on a regular basis.
  • And remember, “Dogs Do Not Scratch”.  It is tough to be a tough dog.

Chasing Dog Tales also suggests wiping your dog down when they come in from the

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outside especially when the pollen count is high or if the lawn has just been mowed.  Wipe down the dog’s coat and paws with a wet cloth to remove allergens and to prevent them from being brought into the house.  Or to prevent any irritation altogether, have your dog wear booties while outside.

Protect your dog’s paws from allergens, sunburn, hot asphalt and sand as well as toxic plants and fertilizers with Lavasox.  They have a built-in heat barrier to reflect radiant surface heat and a breathable mesh fabric to allow natural cooling.  They are ultra-grippy too for traction on smooth surfaces such as wood or tile so they can be used indoors as well.  There are four colors to choose from for this summer: Pink Sorbet, Marina Blue, Citrine, and Flame.

So even if your dog gets itchy from the tickle from a tip of a feather, fresh-cut grass, an itty-bitty ant, a wool sweater, dandelion seeds, dry leaves, a straw hat, daisies, a caterpillar, sand from the beach, hair from their last haircut or even a cat…”DOGS DO NOT SCRATCH…ALONE!”  Yeah, I left that last part out…”Dogs Do Not Scratch Alone”.  Now that’s the truth!  Dogs are tough and while they can scratch their own itches, sometimes they need some help from you, especially in some of those hard-to-reach places.  Even more, use the tips above to help alleviate some of those itchy allergies and don’t let your dog scratch…alone.  

Oh! And remember to start sniffing out our next promotion for the Fourth of July…get a FREE collapsable dog water bowl with every purchase of Lavasox while supplies last! Here’s to a happy summer full of walks, healthy feet and less itches to scratch!  Happy Fourth of July!  -Team Saltsox


The Itchy Book!

Pham & Willems – Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Book Group – 2018

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