Walking with Wallace

First, as a follow-up from last month, have you registered for Chicago’s largest dog-friendly charity walk?  It’s happening on Sunday, June 2 at Montrose Harbor and benefits PAWS Chicago…the PAWS Chicago 5K Walk/Run!  Come for the walk/run and stay for the goody bags…where you will find a discount coupon for Saltsox!  Click here for all the info!

While the weather looks like it will only be in the 60s for the Walk, it is still important to protect your dog’s feet from filth and debris.  Even more, if the temperatures do turn up higher, it will be even more important to protect their feet from the hot pavement.  We recently had a customer reach out to us to share her story about the importance of paw protection, even in the summer months. While the concept is still perceived as a novelty item, Sarah and Wallace’s story proves otherwise. We hope that by sharing her story customers and retailers alike will band together in the effort to protect all of our pups paws this summer! If we won’t walk on it barefoot, they should not either:

unnamed“Hello! I wanted to write to say how much I appreciate your company, especially the Lavasox. I live in Tucson, AZ, and have hiked and run with my dog Wallace many times – he’s done a half marathon with me! Yesterday I made the mistake of going without Lavasox on a hike and today had to make an emergency exit carrying my 50lb dog (and all my gear), and now Wallace is at the emergency vet getting surgery on his paws. I feel heartbroken, and like a bad pet parent, and I wish I hadn’t listened to the people who told me that dogs never need booties. $500 (and one very sore pup) later, I can say our Lavasox are worth every dollar and I can not recommend them enough to folks around here. 

Wallace got his first pair of Lavasox in November because we were about to do a 17 mileunnamed copy very rocky hike – which he did, all in his shoes! Since then he’s put about 150 miles on them between hikes and when we trained for his first half marathon he did with me. 

I would love for you to share my story! I have such immense guilt and sadness knowing that I could have prevented this, and do not want anyone else to experience this!” 

Bonus picture of Wallace with his booties and Wallace after his paws we all debrided after emergency surgery.”  ~Sarah and Wallace~ 

We’ve all gone outside to go get the mail with no shoes on during a hot summer’s day and quickly realize that instead of walking on a cool driveway and sidewalk, we have instead been exposed to an erupted volcano of hot burning lava and can’t get back in the house fast enough.  Our dogs don’t always have that option to run back inside and don’t have the ability to tell us their feet are too hot either.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, If it’s only 77 degrees out, the sidewalk feels like 125 degrees and skin destruction can happen in just 1 minute!  An average dog’s walk is about 30 minutes so imagine the pain and damage it can cause without protection.  So when you put on your socks and shoes, put on theirs too – right?  Right!  Remember Wallace when doing the PAWS Chicago 5K Walk/Run walk without Lavasox and click here for more tips on summer, sun and Lavasox!

So be the best Doggy Daddy or Dogfather in the world this Father’s Day and don’t forget man’s best friend’s feet when you take them on their next walk on the hot block.  Fit your four-legged child’s feet with a set of Lavasox in a manly Marina Blue.  

Looking for something fun to do with your dog as a pre-Father’s Day celebration?Dancing Dads and dogs…you’re going to PROM!  On Saturday, June 15 at 7pm put on your dancing shoes and dogs put on your good-gripped Lavasox and get ready for the Dog Prom brought to you by the Live Like Roo Foundation!  Head over to one of Chicago’s coolest venues, Row 24 Events and Productions, for a full premium open bar, delicious food, raffles, contests, a photo booth and a treat bar.  Don’t miss the silent auction where you can place a bid on boots by Saltsox!  Click here for all the details and ticket information.  And be dance-ready in the newest Lavasox colors in Double Scoop Pink Sorbet and Flame:

Another fun happening this month is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” (TYDTWDay) on Friday, June 21!  This paw-some holiday was started by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to celebrate what fantastic friends and colleagues dogs make.  Top Dog Tips says that the concept behind this celebration is to inspire people to adopt by showing others how lovable your dog is!  To keep this special day a successful and thriving initiative, it is very important to be mindful and responsible when participating.  If your company adopts the TYDTWDay concept, so to speak, here are some tips to make it a great experience:

  1. animal canine casual chair
    Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

    Let Everyone Know – After you have received the proper permission from your company, send out emails or print flyers to encourage questions and discussion from your coworkers letting them know that you will be bringing your dog to work.

  2. Pup-Proof the Office – Dogs may see wires as chew toys, boxes and paperwork as rustling forts and really anything new he may want to chomp on.  The day before TYDTWDay, just check around for any possible hazards and even get down to doggy level to see things from your dog’s perspective.
  3. Consult your Co-workers – Find out if anyone in your office has a dog allergy or phobia and reconsider if everyone isn’t on board.  Brenda Mueller adds to be conscious of the fact that not everyone is a dog lover so don’t be offended if a co-worker doesn’t want to play or interact with your pup.  Establish boundaries with your co-workers for everyone’s safety and well-being; for example, no roughhousing, not table food, etc.  It might be even be a good idea to give everyone a bag of treats that your dog likes in case they’d like to treat your pup!  And of course don’t forget to your dog’s favorite water and food bowls.
  4. Boost the Message – Remember that not only is this a fun occasion, but it is also an aim to promote adoption from shelters.  You could possibly raise money for a local shelter by having a raffle, provide donation boxes, pass out adoption brochures or invite a shelter representative to come speak to the office.
  5. Keep the Dogs Comfortable – Chances are you are not the only dog owner in your office.  Make sure to find out if anyone else is bringing in their dog on TYDTWDay and discuss with them how your dogs may interact with each other.  It may even be beneficial to have a doggy play-date to make sure the dogs get along.  Brenda Mueller further suggests that your dog be well-behaved.  Always keep an eye on your dog.
  6. Groom – Give your dog a bath and good brushing – dog lovers and the dog dislikers will appreciate a nice smelling pooch!

So as you jaunt through June, remember Wallace’s story as you walk with your dog to work and wherever your Father’s Day excursions take you.  Warm Regards, Team Saltsox

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