National Pet Day & More

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong… ” – W.R. Purche

You heard it here first, well maybe not since it was established in 2006, but National Pet Day is on April 11!  How are you going to celebrate?  Well for most of us pet owners and lovers, everyday is National Pet Day, but if you’re looking to upgrade your celebration tactics, let’s look to no one other than Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate who founded National Pet Day.  “To celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to create public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues all around the globe” (  Here are some ways to celebrate National Pet Day, straight from the dog’s mouth, so to speak:

  1. Adopt a pet from your local shelter or pure breed rescue organization, or consider
    black dog beside little girl
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2. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to care for the animals.  Whether you have pet experience or not, they are always looking for help.

3. Donate blankets, food and toys to a favorite animal welfare organization.  They will almost always need used blankets and towels, as well as cleaning supplies, dry food, toys, copy paper and more.  Get your friends and co-workers involved and be the drop off point for donations and take them all to the shelter in one trip.  Lap Dog Creations suggests getting crafty with your friends for a fun-filled afternoon making no-sew blankets or toys to donate as well.

4. Lap Dog Creations also suggests organizing a fundraiser for your local shelter by having a yard sale or a Paint Night with friends or donate a portion of the proceeds of an item you sell on Etsy, etc.

5. Have a National Pet Day party and celebrate all your pets!  Invite your friends and celebrate your love of pets at your home, the park or anywhere that works.

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As a timely idea, throw an Easter Egg Hunt for the dogs!  Kol’s Notes gives a few pointers for a successful Easter Egg Hunt:

  • If you have a dog that loves to chew, skip the plastic eggs and just hide the treats as they may crack the plastic eggs.  Dogs with gentle mouths will just pop the egg open and eat the treats inside.
  • When choosing your plastic eggs, choose ones that have “air holes” in them or create holes in them.  The holes allow the tasty smell of treats to escape and your dog’s nose can follow the scent!
  • If your dog is new to an Easter Egg Hunt, fill them with treats that have a strong aroma.  Keep a couple on the side to give to your dog just before the hunt so they know what to smell for.
  • Let your dog watch you fill up the eggs so they what to look forward to.
  • Block them from the egg hunt space while you are hiding the eggs and make a mental note of where you hid them all!  Hide the eggs at snout level in a small, open area where they can be seen.
  • To kick the hunt off, give your dog a treat-filled egg so they can practice opening it.
  • Supervise your dog as they find the treats to ensure that they don’t chew the plastic eggs.  Discard any any broken eggs away immediately.
  • Have fun!!

6. Spend the day taking photos of your pets or hire a professional pet photographer for a

adorable blur breed close up
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fun photo shoot.

7. Assist an ill, elderly or a financially struggling neighbor or friend by purchasing pet food, hay or needed items for their pets.

8. Buy your pet a fun new toy or accessory!  The weather is changing so depending on where you are in the world, it might be time to change out your dog’s Saltsox to Lavasox.  Spring is officially here and Lavasox would make a great Easter basket stuffer for that reason.  It’s time to get ready for hot pavement and sidewalks.  Lavasox also have the added benefit of protecting your dog’s feet from general filth and debris on the street, not to mention the perfect pastel Spring colors like Citrine and Pink Sorbet or a bolder Marina Blue that they come in.


Celebrate National Pet Day how you see fit.  Adopt or foster a pet if you can, throw a party, make a donation or just go out and play.  No matter how you celebrate, remember that “A pet is a playmate, partner, a pleasure who brighten your life from the start – a lovable, laughable, huggable treasure who wins a warm place in your heart.  A pet is a jester, a trickster, a tease who’s always prepared to perform – a pouncer, a bounder, a fetcher, a pleaser whose greeting is welcome and warm.  A pet is a blessing for so many reasons, a gift of delight that endures – a faithful companion, a friend for all seasons whose home, now and always, is yours!” (Mary Catherine Shannon)


And you may be wondering what our featured image for this blog post is all about.  You know, that amazing picture you saw in the beginning of our paw-some display featuring our Lavasox and Saltsox, and of course the pictures at the bottom featuring YOU, our amazing customers with shots of your pups wearing their boots!  Well we just got back from the Global Pet Expo which is the largest industry trade show of its kind in the US and draws visitors from around the world. We came away inspired and re-energized from all of the wonderful people we met. It truly is a great industry to be part of, and thank YOU for being a part of it with us!

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