Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!  The New Year is here and so is the time to “paws” and reflect on 2018.  It’s also the time to set new goals and make our New Year’s resolutions.  But what about our four-legged friends?  What would be on their New Year’s resolution list?  Bark less?  Wag more?  Be nicer to the cat?  Let’s take a look at a dog’s New Year’s resolution list and see how we can help them implement their goals.  Maybe we can accomplish a few things together!

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

1. “I will stop looking in the garbage for treats.”

When you come home after a long day and discover that your furry friend has nosed their way through the trash, we get mad.  They smell what they think are perfectly good treats and while they may be right, it is garbage after all.  This year, let’s spoil our pets with love, not treats.  Woman’s Day explains that bonus treats may temporarily perk up our pups but they can also pack on some extra pounds.  That extra weight can increase the risk of diabetes and arthritis too.  Instead of tossing a treat, reward your puppy with ten minutes of play!  Oh, and maybe move the garbage can to another room where they can’t access it so you don’t walk into any surprises when you get home next time.

2. “I will walk, run and doggone it, I’m going to sniff more!”

Make exercise part of daily playtime.  According to Woman’s Day, exercise can keep pets young in spirit, heart and body.  It also decreases anxiety.  Take more walks, throw the Frisbee around or play fetch.  When going on walks, Three Million Dogs suggests letting Fido stop and smell the roses a little longer.  Think of it as his way of reading emails or checking Facebook.

In the spirit of National Walk Your Dog Month, here’s a few tips from Puppy Leaks on

Photo Credit: Woman’s Day

how to make your walks more enjoyable for both you and your pooch:

  1. Use a front clip harness if your dog pulls on the leash.
  2. Let your dog sniff around for mental stimulation. (See?  It’s a real thing!)
  3. Don’t use a retractable leash to maintain control.
  4. Always pick up your dogs poop to be clean and tidy as well as to decrease health concerns for other dogs and humans alike.
  5. Bring plenty of drinking water.
  6. Make sure your dog is wearing proper identification in case they run off.
  7. Watch out for hot pavement in the summer and give your doggy Lavasox to protect his feet.
  8. Keep your dog’s focus by bringing along healthy treats.
  9. Ask before approaching other dogs to avoid potentially reactive dogs.
  10. Wear reflective gear if you walk in the evening.



Now let’s lasso our leash back around number 7.  It is so important that when we take our dogs on a walk that we make sure to protect their feet from the elements.  During the winter we have Saltsox to veer off the cold and Lavasox to keep your pup’s feet cool.  There are several colors to choose from like Saltsox in Ice Fire Red and Lavasox in Pink Sorbet.

three dogs playing on gray concrete pavement in selective focus photography
Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com

3. “I will improve my social life.”

Dog parks seem to be everywhere nowadays and they are a great place to help your dog get some social time clocked in.  There they can explore and interact with other dogs as well as get in some bonus exercise time. While dog parks provide a huge energy-burning space, they can get awfully busy.  Change it up and have a doggy play date!  Sometimes some fun one-on-one time in the living room with one or two other puppy pals is all they need.

4. “I will make it to the spa more often.”

Photo Credit: AKC

Treat your pup to a monthly mani/pedi!  Woman’s Day says that at least once a month your pet’s nails should be trimmed.  Overgrown nails can cause pain when walking, split nails can hurt and long or sharp nails can injure people.  Go a step further and give your pooch a true at-home spa day by brushing him until he falls asleep or give him a relaxing massage until he is puppy puddy in your hands.  Ah…that sounds amazing!

Make 2019 the year of healthy treats, walks, runs, sniffs, socializations, Saltsox and spa days.  Enjoy!

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