Saltsox Goes International, Well Kind Of…

Every so often a story comes along that we just HAVE to share.  It’s a story with a deeper meaning, a story meant for all not just a select few with a common interest.  A story that hopefully inspires and sparks conversation.  This is one of those stories and in the end we all have a common unified interest, quality and a strong economy.

Saltsox is often included in group tours here at ICNC.  While they can be hectic and somewhat chaotic during our busy season, we are always honored.   We love meeting and explaining the many facets of our company.  We are proud of what we have built, what we stand for, and the quality we provide.  We are also proud to have been launched by a woman with a dream and some sheer determination.

This last tour was one for the record books.  On July 25th our team here at Saltsox was asked to host a tour for 25 International Delegates from all over the world, we were thrilled and beyond nervous!

Why was this meeting so amazing, you ask?  Well, because these delegates were the real deal.  They were delegates visiting the United States through the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.  What is the International Visitor Leadership Program or (IVLP) for short? It is a professional exchange program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (can we say mouthful?).   Their mission is to offer current and emerging international leaders the opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of American political, economic, social and cultural life through carefully planned and designed exchanges.  These exchange’s reflect participants’ professional interests and the public diplomacy objectives of the United States.

The exchange brings up to 5,000 professional emerging leaders from around the world to the United States each year for programs of up to three weeks.  To say the least this was  a HUGE deal and we were so excited to be included.

Im sure you have so many questions by now? Am I right? I’m sure you are thinking why were they here, why ICNC, why saltsox, what were their goals?

Well to answer a few of those questions lets start with one major one, why they were here?  The delegates wanted to examine international economic cooperation and growth in the world economies.  They also wanted to review U.S. efforts to strengthen it’s economy and the international economic system…YES, that’s correct, review the U.S’ role in strengthening the economy, both at home and internationally.  Lastly, they wanted to explore how the global economy affects local businesses and communities.

Now, why ICNC or the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago?  Because ICNC advocates for the interest of business on Chicago’s Nearwest Side. ICNC believes in strengthening both start-up & emerging companies by providing business development assistance as well as information and links to public and private resources and services.  ICNC, is also an employer-driven organization.  It develops programs and services in response to the needs of the companies it represents, to say the least they are amazing!

Saltsox was asked to participate because we are part of the bigger picture and we like many other’s built something from the ground up.  We are part of a community of businesses looking to flourish, expand and succeed.  We are part of a group that helps each other grow and each one of us brings something to the table.  We believe in keeping it local and supporting small businesses.  We believe that when you get a group of like minded individuals and put them together you get something truly amazing.  Finally, we believe that nothing is impossible and our customers deserve quality, affordability and a product made with genuine love.

Saltsox CEO and Founder Cindy Magiera with the 25 international delegates at their corporate office located in Chicago, IL
Saltsox CEO Cindy Magiera explaining how Saltsox started and what sets them apart

Here’s to all you go-getter, small business owner, start-up launcher individuals out there. Grow economy grow because together we can make a difference.

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