8 Pawsome things to do with your pet this summer


Summer is finally here and you know what that means…time for some fun in the sun.  YAY!

We all agree that after spending those long winter month’s cooped up, layered in a spectacle of clothing, eating way to many calories, and literally chomping at the bit to get out of hibernation mode.  You and your pup are ready to run into the sunset.  What better way to celebrate these warm, sun-filled, beautiful summer days and nights than with your fur-bestie by your side?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite summer trends to enjoy with your canine companion this summer.

  1. Go for a dip in the PoolBest-Dog-Pool-Which-is-the-Best-Swimming-Pool-for-Dogs

When it’s hot out there is nothing better that getting into a nice cool pool, agreed?  Why not take your dog in to?  Granted not all pups like to swim or physically they are not built to swim.  Know your pup and never force them into the water.  Pups with shorter snouts,  such as Pugs, Boston’s, and Bulldogs tend to swim vertically with their heads straight up, this can cause sinking.  Whenever in doubt it never hurts to invest in a dog life preserver and to learn pet CPR.  Always make sure to offer fresh drinking water and discourage drinking the chlorinated pool water.

2. SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board) with your pooch blog_061616

Ok so we have never actually SUP-ed (Stand Up Paddle Boarded), but it looks extremely fun and would be a blast with your fur-bestie.  So instead of suggesting training techniques we aren’t sure about we will leave that to the experts.  Check out:  http://www.isupworld.com/sup-with-your-dog  we found some great information and will get you SUP with your pup in no time.

3.  Play hookie at the beachThe dog alone on the beach sand looking out to sea, in Thailand.

Ah there is nothing better than the sound of waves crashing on the shore while you stick your feet in the sand, and your pup couldn’t agree more.  There is something very therapeutic about the beach, it’s no wonder white noise machines have an ocean option.   To fully enjoy the beach with your K9 companion preparation is key.

  • Firstly, make sure that the beach is pet friendly.  Not all beaches allow pets, so know before you go.  Here is a list of some pet friendly beaches across the country: http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/8-dog-friendly-beaches-across-the-country
  • Bring plenty of fresh water, a bowl, and some snacks-all that water play will make fido pretty thirsty.
  • Don’t forget the pup’s SPF, dog sunscreen exist and even with all the fur fido can still get burned.
  • Don’t forget your leash and poop bags-poop happens, even at the beach.
  • SHADE, SHADE, SHADE- providing a place for you and your pup to sit back and relax in the shade will make your day much more enjoyable.

4.  Go for a hikehike-with-dog-og

Nothing better than getting out and getting fit.  Not only are there health benefits from hiking for both you and your pup, but aesthetically speaking a beautiful nature trail is much better than the city sidewalks anyday.  Just make sure to go prepared so both you and your furry BFF can enjoy all that nature has to offer.

  • Take plenty of freshwater and a collaspible bowl, all that hiking makes for a thirsty pup.
  • Bring some food and extra treats for a job well done at the end.
  • Don’t forget the leash, harness and plenty of poop bags, pack it in and pack it out.
  • If your dog is able, a dog hiking pack will help share the load and save your back in the process.
  • If you are going to be in the sun, dog sunscreen is a must.  Even the furriest of pups need SPF.
  • A small first aid kit never hurts to have on hand, even nature can pack a punch.
  • Know your trail.  Make sure your hike is in a park or open space that allows dogs. National and regional parks are typically more dog-friendly than state parks. Do your research before you hit the trail.
  •  Most importanly, have fun!

5.  Dine Al fresco Americas-top-dog-friendly-restaurants

Summer nights are meant for getting out, enjoying great weather, friends, and food.  The combination of warm nights, followed by beautiful sunsets and extended daylight make dining al fresco a no brainer.  What better way  to dine out than with your pup.  Most major metropolitan cities cater to the pups and their owners.  Providing adequate outdoor seating, great food, atmosphere, and plenty fresh water for your pup.  Here is a list of the top dog friendly resturants across the country.   https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-training/socialization/Americas-top-dog-friendly-restaurants

~Buon Appetito

6.  Make Pup-Sicles! popsicle dogs 013

It’s hot! You’re hot, your pups are hot hot…so get blending Betty Crocker.  Time to get those pupsicles in the freezer, stat.  With so many deliscious recipes, why not try them all?  Here are a few inexpensive and tasty recipes.  http://www.dogingtonpost.com/keep-cool-with-pup-sicles-dog-friendly-popsicle-recipes/

7.  Summer camp is not just for the kids, seriously!dog_scouts_2007

If you and your pooch enjoy getting outdoors, socializing, off leash parks and plenty of outdoor activities then dog camp is for you.  With numerous camps all over the country it’s no wonder this new trend is taking vacationing to a whole new level.  From agility and clicker training, to dock diving and even painting there is something for all.  Take your time to research each camp as each camp has its own flavor, style and emphasis, but here are a few favorites: Camp Dogwood, Ingleside, Ill.; Camp Gone to the Dogs, Stowe and Marlboro, Vt.; Camp Unleashed, Asheville, N.C., Berkshires, Mass., and Sequoia, Calif.; Camp Winnaribbun, Stateline, Lake Tahoe, Nev.; Canine Club Getaway, Lake George, N.Y.; Dog Scouts of America, St. Helen, Mich.; Happy Tails Daycamp for Dogs, Fennville, Mich.; and Maian Meadows Dog Camp, Lake Wenatchee, Wash.

8.  When all else fails visit a friendly food truckdog-food-truck

If you live in the Chicagoland area and you own a dog then surely you have heard of Fido to go™ Chicago’s first premier gourmutt food truck serving hand-crafted, gluten and allergen-free canine cookies & doggy icecreams/frozen yogurts! You can Find Donna and her fur-tastic staff out and about at the city’s dog parks, beaches, and special events.  How Puptastic!  To find out where their trucks are heading next go to http://fidotogo.net

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