Does sharing table food matter?


When it comes to sharing our table scraps with our canine besties, does it really matter?  We’ve pondered this question, and there are so many opinions as to what and what not to do that we decided let’s just keep things real.

Be honest, we all let fido sneak a taste here and there.  If we partake should they not?  If we are allowed to eat various foods and delicious goodies should we allow our pets the same pleasure?

There are many nay-sayers that say “absolutely NO scrap food” and many vets insist table scraps encourage bad table manners, promote begging, can lead to an unbalanced diet,  malurishment, and overall poor health.   There is a new movement however, determining scraps in moderation are fine.  Taking the time to educate yourself, and the use of good ol’ common sense is key.

So we may ask our self’s where do we draw the line?   Taking proactive steps to educate yourself and following some simple guidelines we can safely say that a nibble here and there will not harm your pet.  As the saying rings true for anyone, pet or person “anything in moderation”.  There are some must however, firstly no junk food, seriously, Please don’t.  Fido does not need french fries, anything deep fried, fatty or greasy.  Steer clear of foods heavily salted/seasoned or overly processed, can we say chemical city?  Opt for steamed veggies, lean meats, plain rice or oatmeal and certain fresh fruits.

When it comes to playing it safe are so many do/dont’s of indulgence for our pets, we just can’t list them all.  So here is a simple guideline listing the safe vs unsafe foods for your canine companions.

Bon Apetit’ my friends.


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