Allergy Season and What it Means for Your Pup


It’s spring time! And of course, with the spring season comes those pesky, annoying allergies. Not only do these bother humans, but they also irritate our pets too! Dogs especially have allergies very similar to human allergies, and it’s even worse around spring. All of that pollen and those beautiful flowers and plants might not be the best place for your furry friend to be sniffing around!

Well, how do I know if my pup has allergies?

If you’re pet is doing weird things that make you wonder if they have allergies…they most likely do. Their skin usually becomes irritated and dry, leaving them to scratch, rub, and even lick their fur, skin, and paws. Other symptoms include watery, red eyes and drowsiness.

What do I do about it?

First things first, call the vet! Getting an allergy test is the best way to know if your pet has allergies, and also what they’re allergic to specifically. Make sure also that you’re keeping up with the medications that your pet already takes, as well as the new ones your vet gives you for the allergies. Afterwards, make sure to keep the house clean. A happy, clean home makes for a happy and allergy-free pup!



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