A Congratulation’s is in order

Picking a new color isn’t easy,  there’s a lot of pressure determining next season’s cool color.  Then throw in naming it and keeping the name “winter themed” on top of that, forget about it.  Then like a lighbulb, we had this brilliant idea, why don’t we get our loyal customer’s to pick for us.  Let’s just say this, you did not disappoint

We received so many fantastic name’s and we wish we could have used them all.  There were 3 colors that were literally neck and neck, but in the end Ocean, a beautiful gender neutral Teal won.  After much deliberation the staff at Saltsox voted on “Glacier Bay” a name submitted by Ellen in NC.

We felt it was only appropriate to give Ellen a shout out for naming next season’s new color, way to go Ellen we love it!

If you didn’t know this about us you will soon enough.  We are suckers for customer photos, after all you are part of the family.  Ellen was kind enough to send us a picture of her and her two adorable shelties, Holly and Murphy.  We can not wait to see them sporting the new color next season!


Untitled design-5

Saltsox Paw Print


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